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Lanshiang Burning by lonefirewarrior

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i am thinking i really want to do the ic penpal thing. i’m just thinking that we could get a small pool of people in the fandom that have the time and money to hold a penpal thread over snail mail.

i think the biggest hurtle to get over is people wanting to write to people outside their country. i personally have never even had to fill out paperwork for international mail but my sister has filled it out and it can be a hassle.

well anyway, to get right to it, i’m thinking i could start w/ just a few partners to begin w/. either one outside the US or maybe two or three inside the US. i guess just like hit up my inbox if you are up for it! uwu





Was that an indirect compliment coming from her? Sure seemed to be the case. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to charm me." A moment of silence followed but they had reached their destination in the meantime. "Looks like we’ve arrived. C’mon." He urged her in as if dropping the subject entirely in case she’d feel a tad awkward now. Having taken the lead, after a few steps the man was at the door and of course, he held it open for the lady to enter.

Bowing head head slightly to thank him as she slipped through the entrance, she pulled up and waited for him just beside the door. The dim atmosphere of the place was cozy. Soft lighting from low-hanging lights gave it a homey feel.

"This is nice." She was just a little surprised by his choice. The place was not overly loud, small groupings of people at tables. Intimate.

Girls’ Day Out


The hairstylist slowly separated Ada’s hair into layers and gently rolled the brush through it as she placed the hairdryer down the length of her raven tresses.

Ada was slightly amused that even though her hair was short, they still took meticulous care and time into drying it. Occasionally, she shifted her gaze towards Hunnigan’s mirror and saw the brunette’s beautician snipping off a good portion of her locks.

"Would you like some leave-in conditioner?" A voice rang out from behind her and the ex-spy looked at her own reflection. Her stylist gave her gentle curls that appeared to be hugging her face. Something that was difficult to do by herself.

She beamed the woman a smile, “Yes, please.” A dab of conditioner was placed on the bottom of her hair and it smelled very sweet like roses. The towel was removed from her neck and Ada turned towards Ingrid once more as she was coincidentally done with her haircut.

"It suits you. Leon is going to think I influenced you too much." Ada teased her a little bit before adding, "We should spice up your nails too."

Wide smile pulled at the corners of her lips, flashing pearly whites. Ran her fingers through the sleek, new look.

"Thank you." Gave a short nod. "Those curls are amazing. I’ve never been able to get my hair to hold a curl. Really brings out your cheekbones."

Ada naturally had pronounced cheekbones, but the soft curls emphasized the high bone structure. Her skin glowed, reflecting the treatment and care that had been put into restoring her self through out the spa day so far.

"You don’t have to tell me twice." Ingrid nodded to the beautician as the other woman pulled the long towel from Hunnigan’s shoulders then began sweeping the floor. "My cuticles have been ignored for far to long, they may have to break out some power tools to push them back."

Standing up, she tugged on her robe a little, situating it just so, then lifted the long skirt to clear her feet as they would need to move across the space to the manicure/pedicure area. Large, plush seats with water baths just under them.

Ingrid wondered over to a wall, covered from floor to ceiling in small bottles of nail color. Rich reds at the top, vibrant violets at the ground and ever color imaginable between. Teal colors caught her attention at first, jade, cyan. Colors close to the shade of her irises. The chairs were all occupied at the moment, so she was under no pressure to pick quickly.

The deep ox blood was fashionable this season, though the weather was changing. Spring would be coming. Heavy colors of that nature was a faux-pas. Something closer to neutral would be safe, creamy beige or slightly richer mocha would match closure to her skin tone. A little color would bring some wanted change, something to rival her new hairstyle. Mint green, lilac even coral.

Biting her lower lip, she pulled a bottle from the wall and held it out in front of her other hand.

"What do you think?"

She leaned towards Ada, the small




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Infected from Within [[Ray/Ingrid]]


Raymond was about to bring over the cup of tea to her, when he heard a light tapping on the balcony door. There was only one individual who could get on there without effort. Sighing, he placed the cup next to Ingrid and walked over to the glass. 

"I thought I told you to wait until I called…" The redhead opened the door, allowing a woman of average height stroll in. Her hair was the color of snow and her eyes a fire orange.

"Because you are doing so well to ease her mind, Raymond? This situation obviously needs a woman’s touch." The woman turned to Hunnigan, smiling a bit causing her fangs to show slightly.

"My name is Adelphia. I’ve been friends with Raymond for quite some time. I helped him learn to 'control' his condition. If you have any questions, I should be able to answer them.”

Raymond huffed a bit, sitting down. “Think you have all the answers, Adelphia? You’re not a mutation, you were born the way you are.” After running a hand through his hair, he crossed his arms, clearly annoyed.

"Oh Ray, you must think I’m at least a little bit knowledgeable, since you called me for help. Didn’t have much of a choice, I know. Couldn’t take her to any regular doctor. Speaking of which, I had one of my associates hack into her doctor’s office records. No need for them to have on file that she was ever pregnant."

Raymond looked a bit stunned, “What else have you done?”

"Wiped your criminal record clean, Foxtrot."

The odd introduction of the new figure cause Ingrid to quickly pull herself together, ring fingers wiping around her eyes. Pads of her fingertips slipping under the frames on her face. She turned away for a moment, gathering herself, clearing her throat then looking back the striking woman.

An eerie sight, the otherworldly exchange that shifted between Raymond and this woman, who quickly identified herself as Adelphia with a toothy smirk. Words that spoke of something else, lines between the lines. Time stretched between them, a history that kept her attention for only moments, up until the second that her private medical records were brought into the conversation.

"Excuse me but you did what?” Brows set hard, her voice held the gravel of her tears before, but words were sharp. “It is a Federal offense to hack into a person’s medical records. They are sealed—especially mine. I work for the US government.”

Eyes boring wholes through the other woman’s head, laser power vision emphasized by her emotional upheaval.

"Just who are you anyway, coming into my house? I don’t know what Raymond has told you but this is still my house, Ms. Adelphia.” She shot Raymond a look that could cut through steel. “I’d appreciate it if someone told me what the hell is going on.”



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Locations of Resident Evil

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YOU find a crumpled up LEAFLET shoved under YOUR OFFICE  door. What do YOU do?

—: Read the LEAFLET

YOU smooth out the LEAFLET on the YOURS DESK and read it over. It appears to be some kind of QUESTIONNAIRE! What do YOU do?

—: Grab a PENCIL and answer the QUESTIONNAIRE

Rule 1: Always post the rules. 
Rule 2: Answer all the questions the person who tagged you asked.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post. 
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

  1. Most cherished memory of your dear loving family? Worst memory of the whole lot?:
    I have a memory of being about five years old. My sister would have been around three or so. It had been are a particularly fruitful harvest and my parents actually decided that we could afford to take a vacation within the span of the year. We went to this rustic, little town. It had the most darling name: Strawberry Valley. It was located in Northern California. My father rented a cabin for two weeks. It snowed every day. Up to that point, I had never seen snow with my own eyes. My sister and I would play in it until we were completely numb and blue in the face.
     For worse memory I would have to say the day my grandfather passed. I wasn’t even able to attend his services because I was on assignment at the time. My grandmother didn’t talk to me for a year afterwards.
  2. Do you consider alcohol a drug? I mean the good kind. Mouthwash don’t count, smartasses. I know from experience it don’t count:
    No. Drugs are defined, at least in antiquity, as being a substance that can incur some degree of help. They effect the body in a positive manner. Alcohol, for the most part, never has a positive pressure on the body, though there is being some studies into wine helping enhance a natural immunity to heart disease in some regions of Italy.
  3. Could you ever be unfaithful to your husband or wife? And could you forgive an adulterer?:
    I don’t think so. I’ve never been the type of selfish person to allow my own feelings or desires outweigh the respect I have for my partner.
     I wish I could say I was the type of person to forgive a partner for their unfaithfulness, but in truth, I don’t think  I could.
  4. Least favorite kinda music?:
    Anything with autotune. No offense to those people that like it, I just could never get into the swing of it.
  5. What would it take to convince you there ain’t a God?:
    I don’t consider myself a religious woman anymore, but I was raised to believe their is a God and we serve them. I sometimes find myself talking with God when I am stressed out or worried, any time I feel something is out of my control I try to have faith that God is taking care of it for the better, but when you work with the worst of humanity, faith can wear thin.
     So I suppose the answer would be, time.
  6. Thoughts on higher education?:
    It is an essential.
  7. Got any skill with machines, computers, building a better mousetrap, or any shit of that general nature? Turning the damn things on counts. Barely. :
    My mother likes to tell people that I was born connected to the internet. My father jokes that I have wires and electricity in the place of veins and blood.
     To put it bluntly, I am rather good at using computers.
  8. You read the newspaper every morning? Every week? Never? Or you watch TV? (Substitute “when you was alive” where appropriate.):
    My day does not start off until I’ve read at five articles.
  9. Are the womenfolk oppressed?:
    I work in the government, which is about 92% male populated. It is a boys club and girls have to fight to make their way. It is far more difficult for a woman to climb to the top, then a male counterpart.
  10. You celebrate your birthday?:
    Yes and no. My parents call me every year and my sister sends me a little something. I usually try to take the day off and go somewhere, rather than sit at home or in my office as usual.
  11. What’s your hometown like? My brothers and sisters of Silent Hill, you ain’t exempt. Not one bit.:
    Small, seaside city. Sort of an artist mecca in town. A lot of little antique shops and private museums along the downtown main drag. Outside the city, it is a lot fo farmland, which is where I grew up.

YOU finish the QUESTIONNAIRE and go to put away your PENCIL. When YOU return, the QUESTIONNAIRE is gone! What do YOU do?

—: Go back to WORK.